Assista o vídeo e CONHEÇA A PALETA DO BRUXO ✔

I created this plug-in for professional and amateur photographers.
editors and graphic designers and it is now available in limited offer with
bonus tutorials in Portuguese teaching how to install and how to use. Here are some of the main functions of the Plug-in Wizard Palette: ✔ Automatic and batch editing in Photoshop ✔ Eye Retouch ✔ Hair Retouch ✔ Lip Retouch ✔ Retouching clothes ✔ Artificial Intelligence: ✔ Facial recognition ✔ Over 150 professional presets ✔ Overlays: Snow, Sun, Dust ✔ Split Toning and Color Sorting ✔ Realistic background blur using Artificial Intelligence ✔ Selection of objects via Artificial Intelligence ✔ Automatic skin retouching and much more! The WITCH plug-in palette has a very powerful and advanced system that
works in line with the Photoshop CC version, allowing the user faster results
and professional results too, you can modify Eyes, Lips, Mouth and face shape with
a single tap or Adjust the subject in the photo with 1 click. The Panel works on computers, with: Windows✔ Mac✔ Adobe Photoshop CC versions 2018 onwards Other features: ✔ Direct download ✔ Dedicated installation support ✔ Tutorials for using our platform.
Try it for 5 days without risk

I truly believe in the transformative power that the WITCH PALETTE has.

Therefore, I offer an UNCONDITIONAL Guarantee.

If within 5 days you do not get the expected result
with a simple click on Hotmart you will receive 100% of the amount paid back. THE RISK IS NOW ALL MY RISK!

The Wizard's Palette is the most advanced panel created so far in the photography business. The only panel with over 150 functions that will change the way you edit your photos.


The wizard's palette has face recognition functions, where you can work with eyes, mouth, nose and even face shape with just one click. Helping in the face correction and retouching process.


Besides everything you have functions such as adding lipstick and adjusting the volume of gloss for the mouth, this allows the retouching to be more precise and quick, which is one of the most important things when you want to gain prominence in your photography.


In terms of colorization, we have more than 48 Buttons to raise the level of your colors, making the colorization process faster and easier to get the result you've always wanted. The colors in the palette are colors that will bring your photo to life in a way you never dreamed of before, and with the ability to control the intensity and direction after application.

Overlays & Sobreposições

100% Complete with an amazing pack of Overlays, change the look of your photo and add realistic overlays like Snow, Dust and Sun with one click. By clicking the button, it will automatically download an overlay from the Internet and apply it to your photograph. (the connection is important to work)​




In 2013, I started doing video tutorials on YouTube and Facebook
helping people to learn Photoshop & Photography. In 2016
I started with the PHOTO LIGH ONLINE Project. I am proud to say that I have excellent students in Brazil and abroad.
​ Lucky boy ! I had the honor of having a renowned teacher in the area in my own home.​ My father! This of course influenced me greatly!